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Upcoming Events


Homeschool Fireside Conversation

5 coffee mugs of different colorsOnline Conversation, for Patrons of Parent Empowerment Project

Look for the link to this one on your Dashboard!

We're going to grab some tea and sit down to answer questions and discuss challenges - and strategies - for homeschooling. Whether you are working through the homeschool quickstart class and have a question, or some other homeschool question has come up, please join us! Also feel free to join just to enjoy the conversation with others. 


ADHD/ADD: Setting Up For Success

photo of cubbies filled with yarn

Online Presentations with Q&A, open to the public

Four-part series, each hosted twice. April and May 2021

Click here for dates, links, and a description of each session

ADD and ADHD make for a wild ride of a life. Both come packed with an unyielding sense of creativity and adventure; a seemingly limitless supply of passion; and a remarkable dedication to extreme efficiency (seriously).

An individual's greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses often originate from the same source, and this holds true for ADHD. This means many areas of struggle are closer to their solutions than they may initially appear, and the good news is that (for many things) it often is just as simple as "rolling with it," whatever "it" happens to be.

In our time together, we'll explore how best to capitalize on the inherent strengths of ADHD life, particularly when it comes to mitigating some of their more well-known side effects, such as distractability, disorganization, time management, and more. There is nothing wrong with ADHD people, and many if not all of the challenges faced by them come from living in an as yet poorly accommodated world. Together we will explore some ways this situation might be changed.



Past Events


Do You See What I See? Probably Not!

colorful abstract image of a person's faceLet's discuss how what we see (and hear, taste, feel) in the world might not be the same for everyone else. Topics included face blindness, aphantasia, synesthesia - including misophonia and mirror-touch (empathy) - and sensory processing sensitivity.  Are you a highly sensitive person? Are autism, ADHD, and being HSP the same thing? How might having sensory processing sensitivity traits impact your parenting style? Also learn about the self/other theory and how this might influence your perspectives and choicesClick here to view recording.


Homeschool Quickstart

illustration of a house and a tree with green lawnThis is an information-packed session covering foundational information for getting started with homeschooling while avoiding the common pitfalls. It includes discussion about parenting challenges as homeschoolers, especially from the perspective of working full-time from home. Click here to view recording.




Sensory World

Presentation for the 2020 Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) Conference

Provided to SENG conference participants, this was recorded and is available through SENG.   




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