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Homeschool Quickstart Course Description

This class was originally designed for “accidental homeschoolers” - those who didn’t plan on homeschooling but found themselves in a situation where it was suddenly necessary. They need a step-by-step guide to getting started while making the most that homeschooling has to offer. They want their children to be academically successful, while also seeing to their health and well-being. Even for those who did plan ahead for this, the guiding lessons in this class help parents work through the steps of getting started. This class is also helpful for parents redesigning their homeschool program to be more student-centric.


illustration of a sunflower.The class can be taken stand-alone or as part of the Parent Empowerment Project (PEP Patron Option).


Learning Goals
  • Homeschool with less stress and better success - and happiness -  by working through these steps.

  • Avoid some common pitfalls of new homeschoolers, learn what questions to ask, and follow specific “take action” prompts to get sta

  • Parenting strategies woven throughout are from the perspective of a parent who must work from home.

  • Guide you in designing learning experiences aligned to your family's unique scenario.

  • Introduce you to additional concepts for you to explore further as needed


Also: Gain access to a Curriculum & Instruction Library to start using what you have learned right away.


Course Outline
  1. Introduction and Clarifying Your Goals
    • Reflect: What Are Your Goals?
    • Navigating Course Content
    • Note of Introduction
    • Take Action: Take a Break
  2. Homeschooling is not School at Home
    • Reflect: Reframe, Reprogram, and Question Those Boxes
    • Video: Homeschooling is Not School at Home
    • Timing and Pacing
    • Environment
    • Video: Student-Centered to Student-Driven
    • From Student-Centered to Student Driven
    • Videos for Inspiration, Affirmation, and Ideas to Ponder
    • Take Action: Clarify and Share Goals
  3. Staying Legal
    • Reflect: What If?
    • Video: Staying Legal
    • Information Resources on Homeschool Laws
    • Typical Considerations
    • Private School versus Homeschool
    • Take Action: Staying Legal
  4. Determining Learning Goals
    • Reflect: Valuable Learning Goals
    • Video: Determining Learning Goals
    • Lifelong Learning
    • What's the Big Idea?
    • Learning Goals Lists
    • Classes versus Competencies
    • Critical Thinking
    • Take Action: Gather Learning Goals Lists
  5. Creating Lessons & Classes
    • Reflect: Comfort Level in Creating Lessons and Classes
    • Cobbled Together Approach
    • Goal-Based "Backwards Design" Approach
    • Sample Course Goals and Plan
    • Take Action: Practice Steps for Lesson Creation
  6. Learning Needs & Preferences
    • Reflect: Different Ways of Learning
    • Video: Learning Needs and Preferences
    • Limitations and Considerations for Learning Needs and Preferences
    • Categories of Learning Needs and Preferences
    • Gifted and Talented
    • Skills Testing
    • Learning Preferences Resources
    • Take Action: Take Inventory
  7. Socialization & The Real World
    • Reflect: Socializing
    • Video: Socialization and the Real World
    • What About Socialization?
    • Article: Not Broken
    • Sexual and Reproductive Health
    • Take Action: Explore Options for Socialization
  8. Motivation
    • Reflect: Favorite and Worst
    • Video: Motivation
    • Power of Emotion
    • Goal Orientation and Types
    • Academic Integrity
    • Time Management and Organization
    • Proactive Methods versus Punishment
    • Emmpowerment
    • Take Action: Explore Time Management and Organization Tools
  9. Assessment and Feedback
    • Reflect: Your Experience (as a Student) with Grading
    • Video: Assessment and Feedback
    • Grading
    • Feedback
    • Assessment Options
    • Beware Interference with Assessment Accuracy
    • Rubrics
    • Grading and the "Real World" Question
    • Take Action: Documenting Feedback
  10. Curriculum and Learning Resources
    • Reflect: With or Without Training Wheels
    • Video: Curriculum & Tools
    • Curriculum to Consider
    • Homeschool beyond the Home
    • Video: Public School Homeschool Options
    • Public School Homeschool Options
    • Video: Online Schools
    • Online Schools
    • Take Action: Review Curriculum
  11. What About College?
    • Reflect: Benefits and Drawbacks of Attending College
    • Video: What About College?
    • College Bound and College Now
    • Honorable Honors
    • Take Action: Research College Entrance Requirements
  12. Next Steps
    • Explore Multiple Methods for Inspiration
    • Key Components for Happiness


Options for Enrollment

Do you want a course mentor who will give you feedback, and documentation of completion for your records? Or would you like to work through the course independently? Select the option that works best for you.


PEP Patrons

Cost: Free (no added cost)

Enrollment: The self-directed version of this course is provided free to patrons and is already available in your course list. If you are not a patron, click here to learn more.

Details: Continuous access so long you are a PEP patron ($20 per month).

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Mentored, Level 1

Cost: $490

Start Date: See Course Catalog, or click enroll link below, for next start date.

Enrollment: Click here to enroll.

Details: 12 weeks, flexible-paced, with mentor feedback for activities. One year access the course content, plus one year access to the PEP, which includes a Curriculum Library.


Mentored, Level 2

Cost: $1250

Enrollment: Contact Us with your interest to obtain this level of mentoring.

Details: 16 weeks with mentor feedback for activities and weekly email access to mentor. Also: four scheduled one-hour phone or online meetings for additional guidance. One year access the course content, plus one year access to the PEP, which includes a Curriculum Library.


Licensing Seats

Cost: Contact Us

Enrollment: Contact Us

Details: Contact us if you are a homeschool mentor who wants to use this course, and other resources in the PEP, as part of how you serve your families.



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