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  • Save money. You gain immediate access to thousands of dollars worth of curriculum and resources.
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  • Learn the personalized, "open path" approach to help your child maximize academic potential, explore interests, and develop unique talents.
  • Happiness and peace: this approach can reduce the stress and conflict that some homeschoolers struggle with.
  • Classes for parents - and not just on parenting! See below. 


Overview Booklet

Download a PDF that provides an overview of resources, including screenshots of resources.


Homeschool Support

Where do you start? What curriculum do you use? How do you avoid getting overwhelmed? The following resources help you get started and provide some foundational resources - saving you time and money while increasing your likelihood of success.


Homeschool Quickstart Course

illustration of a house and tree with a green lawn and flowersThis class was designed for “accidental homeschoolers” - those who didn’t plan on homeschooling but found themselves in a situation where it was suddenly necessary. The current pandemic situation takes this to a whole new level! Avoid the common pitfalls, and learn some strategies for homeschooling to meet your and your child's needs. Learn more about this course. 



Curriculum & Instruction Library

Parents can use these learning resources for their children’s homeschool program, and some resources can also be used for the parents’ own learning needs.

Arbordale Children's Books & Curriculum

image of a children's book called Turtles in My SandboxOver 150 online full-color children’s books, both fiction and nonfiction, with most titles based on science topics. Each book offers read-aloud with audio and speed control for pronunciation, and includes word highlighting in sentence - including fragment and single word pronunciation. Multiple Languages: All books come in both English and Spanish, and select titles are also available in other languages: French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian and Thai. Teaching Resources: Each book comes with a 30-50 page teaching guide with learning activities.

Click here for the catalog, and ignore the prices! You get the online version of every book (and more, because books continue to be added).

Multimedia Library

Learn 360 logo400,000+ multimedia resources library - including streaming videos, interactive learning activities, encyclopedia articles, educational games, teacher guides, and more. Video on Demand collections include both college-preparation and career & technical fields. Parents can organize content into favorites lists, create playlists, or even create their own classes -- and the have their children create accounts to then access those classes. Download a PDF to learn more about the Learn360 resources.

Course Outlines (learning goal lists)

clipboard with checklistThese course outlines were created based on typical US state standard recommendations one might find. Homeschooling parents can use a course outline as a starting point when their learning goals list for what their child will learn for the year. An outline can also give them an idea of what a typical grade level curriculum product (e.g. math textbook) might likely cover. Outlines are available for all grades K through 12, for science, social studies, language arts, mathematics, health & physical education, and arts. Outlines are also available for several elective classes at the middle and high school levels. Each outline lists topics and subtopics.

Subject Matter Resources

illustration of a globe math tools and booksOrganized by subject area, this includes proprietary curriculum not found elsewhere as well as links to high-quality curriculum and resources such as video courses, online textbooks, and interactive learning sites. An effort was made to locate freely- available curriculum and organize it onto resource pages. This is extra important for the parents who can only be with a short time. This way they can still have a list of curriculum at their fingertips when applying what they learned from the Homeschool Quickstart class. Note: full-length courses are also being added to this resource over time.



Courses & Resources for Parents

desk with notebook pen leaves twine candle and coffeeParents know that it is important to take care of their needs and developing themselves because then they can be the best possible parents for their kids. And this is true! However, you also need to take care of yourself because you are important - not just because you are a parent, but because you have value as a human being. 

When you model developing your own interests and skills, and engaging in self-care, this will benefit you while encouraging your children to do the same. No matter how much you tell them to make the most of themselves and their life, it's what you do that has the greatest influence on them.


Great Courses

We’re grateful to The Great Courses for granting licensing for classes for the Parent Empowerment Project. Topics include:

  • Science of Gardening
  • How to Draw
  • Startup Library: Painting with Watercolors
  • Crochet: Basics and Beyond
  • Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids
  • Scientific Secrets for Raising Kids Who Thrive
  • Mastering the Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques
  • Mind-Body Medicine: The New Science of Optimal Health
  • The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being
  • The Addictive Brain
  • Mastering Tai Chi
  • How You Decide: The Science of Human Decision Making
  • Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better You
  • The Mayo Clinic Guide to Pain Relief
  • How to Make Stress Work For You
  • Stress and Your Body


Courses from Open Path

In addition to the Homeschool Quickstart class, the following are available (or, if noted, in development).


The above Open Path classes also have CEU credit options, in partnership with Ole Miss University (aka University of Mississippi).  There is a small fee that must be paid directly to Ole Miss for the CEUs (currently set at $20 per course at the time of this writing).


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