Professional Development

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The personal and professional development courses are offered to anyone who may benefit from them. This can include educators, parents, or any individual interested in learning about the topics.


Courses Available

The following courses are available as stand-alone options for professional development. You can choose a self-directed option if no documentation is needed. Otherwise, select the mentored option to receive guidance and feedback from an instructor along the way, plus documentation of course completion.

Click on a course title for the description, outline, and enrollment options.


Documentation Provided

Successful completion of a mentored version of a class results in both a Certificate of Completion and a Badge being awarded.


Train the Trainer & Licensing Seats

One or more people with your organization can successfully complete the mentored version of a class. After this, you can request that they have a copy of this class set up with them as the instructor. We can enroll other people from your organization into this class (for less than the standard self-directed rate), to be overseen by your own personnel as instructors. This can be a cost-effective way to have more people trained, and it expands availability of the course since you are not relying on our own instructors' availability.

Contact Us if you are interested in this approach to providing professional development to your organization.



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