Professional Development

Personal and professional development courses are offered to anyone who may benefit from them. This can include educators, parents, or any individual interested in learning about the topics.


Courses Available

The following courses are available as stand-alone options for professional development. You can choose a self-directed option if you wish to work through the course on your own. Otherwise, select the mentored option to receive guidance and feedback from an instructor along the way. Both options come with documentation, including CEU options. All courses are also available through the Parent Empowerment Project (self-directed versions).


ADHD Setting Up For Success

In this class we'll explore how best to capitalize on the inherent strengths of ADHD life, particularly when it comes to mitigating some of their more well-known side effects, such as distractibility, disorganization, time management, and more. Learn how ADHD is a boon that can be utilized to uplift and empower our world, and how the challenges faced by those with ADHD are easily remedied by stepping outside of societal norms. Learn more.

Sensory World

Let's discuss how what we see (and hear, taste, feel) in the world might not be the same for everyone else. Topics include sensory processing sensitivity and other sensory traits such as face blindness, aphantasia, synesthesia - including misophonia and mirror-touch (empathy). Are you a highly sensitive person? Are autism, ADHD, and being HSP possibly related? How might having sensory processing sensitivity traits impact parenting styles? (Note, this can also relate to teaching and management styles!) Also learn about the self/other theory and how this might influence your perspectives and choices. Learn More.

Designing for Mastery in Online and Blended Education

Improve student success and the joy of learning. This approach has been used by the course designer to increase student test scores by 10-30 percentile points on average (some gaining as much as 50), while engaging in meaningful learning. This course was designed for educators who need to create online or blended lessons - or an entire class - and who have minimal to no experience designing for mastery-based online learning. The course is intended for a variety of educators: college instructors, homeschooling parents, community educators, and more. Experienced teachers can also benefit, reframing and building upon what they know.  Learn more.


Documentation Provided

Two forms of documentation are available for the courses listed above: a certificate of completion, and continuing education units (CEUs). Educators and other professionals need to document a minimum number of professional development hours for licensing renewals, and the CEUs can be a good option for this. Double-check with your organization if you need guidance on your requirements and what can be applied. Meanwhile, we provide CEUs through an accredited university to increase the likelihood of their acceptance.


A Certificate of Completion is provided for everyone who successfully completes a course. It will automatically become available for you when all required items have been completed.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Available

In partnership with Ole Miss (University of Mississippi), we offer continuing education credits (CEUs) for each of the above classes. The process is simple!

1. Successfully complete the course.

2. Contact us to let us know you're interested the CEUs (instructions provided in the class).

3. Upon confirmation, we'll send you a form and link to submit to Ole Miss (you pay a $20 fee per class directly to the university).

See the individual course description pages for the number of CEUs available. Also, instructions for requesting the CEUs is also included in each course.


Train the Trainer & Licensing Seats

One or more people with your organization can successfully complete the mentored version of a class. After this, you can request that they have a copy of this class set up with them as the instructor. We can enroll other people from your organization into this class (for the self-directed rate), to be overseen by your own personnel as instructors. This can be a cost-effective way to have more people trained.

Contact Us if you are interested in this approach to providing professional development to your organization.



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