GHC Gifts


Neurodiversity Handouts

Several GHC attendees asked for these to be available as a download to share, and we're happy to take the opportunity to offer these to all attendees!


ADHD Hyperefficiency & Steps

Let's apply the strategies we know by getting radical with our kitchen. Then consider: how can you apply this to your homeschooling environment?


Sensory World

This one is so much fun! Go through the list of questions with friends and family, and learn some things about each other (and yourself!). This can open up important conversations too, especially about learning.


1 Month Free Access to the Parent Empowerment Project

This is a limited offer, valid through November 1, 2021. Use the coupon code: HOMESCHOOL21

What you will get:

  • Curriculum Library of 400,000+ items
  • Education Classes
    • Homeschool Quickstart class
    • Designing for Mastery
  • Neurodiversity Classes:
    • Sensory World
    • ADHD Setting Up for Success
  • Personal Enrichment resources for parents (e.g. art classes, Thai Chi, skills development in math and writing, etc.).

 Click here to learn more.


Note: If you want to get CEU credits for the classes that offer this, this requires a $20 fee payable to Old Miss University. Yes, you can use your free month to complete a class and qualify for CEU credit - no problem!