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Let's discuss how what we see (and hear, taste, feel) in the world might not be the same for everyone else. Topics include sensory processing sensitivity and other sensory traits such as face blindness, aphantasia, synesthesia - including misophonia and mirror-touch (empathy). Are you a highly sensitive person? Are autism, ADHD, and being HSP possibly related? How might having sensory processing sensitivity traits impact parenting styles? (Note, this can also relate to teaching and management styles!) Also learn about the self/other theory and how this might influence your perspectives and choices.

Learning Goals

  • Gain awareness and understanding of sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) and other sensory traits
  • Learn about the dimensionality involved how traits intersect and interact
  • Learn about strategies and ideas for how a person with SPS can design a healthy and happy life for themselves
  • For people with SPS, gain a sense of affirmation
  • Improve communication, with parent-child relationships and other relationships that involved somebody with SPS


  • Certificate of Completion: Upon successful completion of this course, you will earn a Certificate of Completion.
  • 0.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 0.8 CEUs are also available for this course. Scroll down to the very bottom of the last section of the course for information and instructions. (Additional CEUs are available through a mentored option of the class.)

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