Accidental Homeschoolers

Maybe you didn’t plan on homeschooling. At least not right now. But something happened, and here you are. Now what?  

People become “accidental homeschoolers” for many different reasons, while other people actually have the time to plan out their homeschooling journey. Among new homeschoolers, there are some common experiences and needs they tend to have when they first begin to homeschool. Among these commonalities is the desire for their children to be emotionally and/or physically safe, and to have their learning needs met. 

Planned Homeschooling

This class also benefits those who plan on homeschooling, and it can even serve as part of that planning! It can also help refine a current program to be more student-centric, especially for students who are considered to be "outside the box" or neurodivergent.

Common Concerns

Parents often worry: are they doing the right thing for their child? Are they doing enough? Too much? Sometimes the responses to these worries lead to missteps — which then reinforce the worries!  Also, the parent-child relationship might feel “off” somehow now, and finding a peaceful path forward is extra important.

Suggestion: Go In Order

For this and the units that follow, work your way through each of the items below, from top to bottom. The order was carefully considered, leaving things such as college considerations toward the end because it won't apply to everyone yet. Also, many of the ideas and tasks build on each other.

Let's begin!

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