Reflect: What Are Your Goals?

Take a moment to think about the questions below. Write out your answers, creating a list that you can refer back to later. This can help you focus your decisions as you work with your child to create a personalized learning program together. 

  1. Why are you considering homeschooling your child? 
  2. What, if anything, causes you to hesitate to homeschool?
  3. What, if anything, doesn’t work with the local public school system for you or your child? 
  4. What, if anything, are benefits of using the local public school system for you or your child?
  5. What are your child’s learning needs or other areas of need? 
  6. What are your child’s interests? This doesn’t have to be school subject related!
  7. What are your child’s positive traits, strengths, talents (think physical, emotional, intellectual, etc.)?
  8. What are your concerns for your child in life? 
  9. What things(s) do you want most for your child in life?

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