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About Us

Open Path Education was originally envisioned to support parents of children with neurotype traits that their current education system felt challenged to accommodate. The initial focus was on "accidental homeschoolers" - those who didn't plan on homeschooling, but something happened, and here they are... so now what do they do?!  In order to nurture the whole person - both parent and child – we support personalized learning, neurodiversity awareness, trauma healing, the arts, environmental sustainability, and other areas that promote an individual's personal agency to design a life that best fits them.

The personal parenting and homeschooling experiences of the creators, and working with hundreds of families over the years, resulted in the design of our bundle of courses designed to empower homeschooling parents.

This includes a Homeschool Quickstart Class, a library of curriculum and resources to help them get started, and additional classes that personally benefit parents. Additional classes and resources continue to be created and curated over time, with the input of patrons who support the project.

We also have team members with years of experience teaching in both public and private schools; creating student-centric programs within districts or individual schools; and training fellow teachers in a range of personalized, individualized, and differentiated approaches that make the teachers' jobs more enjoyable while also meeting the diverse needs of their students.

Something every team member has in common: traits that our current society considers neurodivergent. Understanding, respecting, and honoring neurodiversity - and that each person has a unique ideal path - is the heart of everything we do.