Set your own price
for our courses

We recognize that some of the folks who most need our specialty courses might struggle to afford them.

On many of the stand-alone courses we've created and offer on this website, we offer everyone the chance to pay only what they choose.

There are two ways to set your own price on our site:

  1. Select one of the listed prices in the course enrollment page.
  2. Or, for more granular control, you can apply one of the following discount codes to a listed price by clicking "Add Coupon Code" on our checkout page.

DISCOUNT10 10% Off
DISCOUNT20 20% Off
DISCOUNT30 30% Off
DISCOUNT40 40% Off
DISCOUNT50 50% Off
DISCOUNT60 60% Off
DISCOUNT70 70% Off
DISCOUNT80 80% Off
DISCOUNT90 90% Off
DISCOUNT100 100% Off

You may apply these discount codes to any of the following courses on Open Path Education