Benefits Overview

  • Save money. You gain immediate access to thousands of dollars worth of curriculum and resources.
  • Benefit from clear, step-by-step guidance on how to begin homeschooling while avoiding common mistakes.  
  • Learn the personalized, "open path" approach to help your child maximize academic potential, explore interests, and develop unique talents.
  • Happiness and peace: this approach can reduce the stress and conflict that some homeschoolers struggle with.

Homeschool Support

Where do you start? What curriculum do you use? How do you avoid getting overwhelmed? The following resources help you get started and provide some foundational resources - saving you time and money while increasing your likelihood of success.

Homeschool Quickstart Course

This class was designed for “accidental homeschoolers” - those who didn’t plan on homeschooling but found themselves in a situation where it was suddenly necessary.

However, even those who have been homeschooling awhile can benefit!

Avoid the common pitfalls, and learn some strategies for homeschooling to meet your and your child's needs. Learn more about this course.

Included Curriculum & Instruction Library

Arbordale Publishing

Multi-lingual Read-Aloud Smart eBooks

Over 150 online full-color children’s books, both fiction and nonfiction, with most titles based on science topics. Each book offers read-aloud with audio and speed control for pronunciation, and includes word highlighting in sentence - including fragment and single word pronunciation. 

Multiple Languages: All books come in both English and Spanish, and select titles are also available in other languages: French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian and Thai. 

Teaching Resources: Each book comes with a 30-50 page teaching guide with learning activities.

Click here for a PDF of the full catalog, and ignore the prices! You get the online version of every book (and more, because books continue to be added).

Learn360 Multimedia Library

Multisubject K–12 Media Library

Learn360 is a library of 430,000+ multimedia resources - including streaming videos, interactive learning activities, encyclopedia articles, educational games, teacher guides, science experiment lesson packets, and more. Video on Demand collections include both college-preparation and career & technical fields. Parents can organize content into favorites lists, create playlists, or even create their own classes -- and the have their children create accounts to then access those classes. 

Click here for a PDF overview of Learn360

Printables for Preschool through 12th Grade

PreK - 6th: Over 53,000 printable lessons and handouts for language arts, math, science, social studies, and seasonal are available in The Mailbox library.

6th - 12th: Another 5000+ printables are available through the Learn360 library, spanning math, science, and humanities subjects.

Open Path Course Outlines
and Learning Goal Lists

Homeschooling parents can use our course outlines as a starting point or as their learning goals list for what their child will learn for the year. An outline can also give them an idea of what a typical grade level curriculum product (e.g. math textbook) might likely cover. Outlines are available for all grades K through 12, for science, social studies, language arts, mathematics, health & physical education, and arts. Outlines are also available for several elective classes at the middle and high school levels. Each outline lists topics and subtopics.

Our course outlines were created based on typical US state standard recommendations.

Subject Matter Resources

Organized by subject area, these resources include proprietary curriculum not found elsewhere, as well as links to carefully curated, high-quality curriculum and resources such as video courses, online textbooks, and interactive learning sites.

We make great effort to locate freely-available curriculum and organize it onto resource pages for each subject. This is extra important for the parents who can only be with their students for a short time. This way the students can still have a list of curriculum at their fingertips when applying what they learned from the Homeschool Quickstart class.

More full-length courses are regularly added to this resource over time.

Courses for Parents

Neurodiversity-affirming courses increase understanding and respect, and help eliminate shame. "What, that's a thing?" and "Oh, that explains so many things..." are probably the two most common phrases we hear as people are working through these courses.

Later we get to hear how they redesigned their approaches (to teaching, to parenting, to their own life), resulting in greater success and happiness.

Education classes include the Homeschool Quickstart for parents and mentors, and the Designing for Mastery class to take your skills to the next level.

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