ADHD makes for a wild ride of a life. Both come packed with an unyielding sense of creativity and adventure; a seemingly limitless supply of passion; and a remarkable dedication to extreme efficiency (seriously). An individual's greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses often originate from the same source, and this holds true for ADHD. This means many areas of struggle are closer to their solutions than they may initially appear, and the good news is that (for many things) it often is just as simple as "rolling with it," whatever "it" happens to be.

In this class we'll explore how best to capitalize on the inherent strengths of ADHD life, particularly when it comes to mitigating some of their more well-known side effects, such as distractability, disorganization, time management, and more. There is nothing wrong with ADHD people, and many if not all of the challenges faced by them come from living in an as yet poorly accommodated world. In the subjects below, this course will demonstrate some ways this situation might be changed.

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