Start Here: Journal Setup

Keeping a Journal

This class encourages you to keep a journal about your learning. Most of your assignments will either take place or be recorded here. Choose a medium that feels comfortable to you. You may use a paper journal that you write in, opt for an app, or create a file on your computer. Some assignments will call for you to record pictures or illustrations in your journal, so make sure your selected medium allows for this. Feel free to go beyond the prompts! You can add any information, thoughts, and feelings in addition to responding to the prompts below.

Initial thoughts

Before progressing through this class, take some time to reflect on what you already know, think, and feel about ADHD. Begin by answering the prompts below, and then feel free to expand or include any further information, or to even record your own questions. As you progress through the lesson content, check back in with your journal to add any notes, or to help you remember any questions you may have had going in.


  • What are some ADHD-specific challenges you hope to be able to address?
  • What are some ADHD-specific strengths you anticipate being helpful?
  • What are some ADHD strategies you know of? How do you feel about them, and why do you think they might work (or not work)?
  • What, if anything, has been your experience with ADHD up to this point?

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